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Your Biz, Your Rules

Sep 19, 2019

Disclaimer: No sales tactics and strategies here lovely ones, more the bits and pieces on how to have a more positive and less painful launch.
The key takeaways:

A is for Assets

As in create EVERYTHING before cart open. Seriously.

B is for Boundaries and Batch cooking! 

Do your loved ones really know what to expect? Or what you need from them? Like feeding, for example. 

C is for Clearing the decks 

I tried to do my usual amount of client work – not my best idea. So clear as much of that as you can before you go.

D is for Delegate 

Make sure you have the professional support you need, are there tasks which you can use a tool to accomplish if you don’t have a team – help doesn’t have to cost a lot.

E is for Entice yo’self

I had a chart, obvs. For each 5 sales I had a “reward”. Crystals, courses, art…anything which motivates you works. Gamify it up and make the sales enticing for a reason other than just the numbers. 

F is for Future content

All that content you made for your launch? Reuse it! I went live every day on Instagram during launch week and every time I did, I hit record on Audacity…boom! 3 podcasts.

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