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Your Biz, Your Rules

May 30, 2022

Welcome to Episode 2.20 of Your Biz, Your Rules. In this show I'm going to be sharing some of my best time-saving tips for the business obsessed, because, well, that's me, and I'm not ashamed of that. I AM obsessed with my business. I'm invested. I'm committed.

Your Challenge:

For this week's action step I want you...

May 23, 2022

Welcome to Episode 2.19 of Your Biz, Your Rules. In this show, I'm going to be sharing 5 ways that you can start having more fun with your marketing starting today...  

Because I really do think that the marketing of your business can be a lighthearted creative outlet, rather than a source of stress and overwhelm.


May 16, 2022

Welcome to Episode 2.18 of Your Biz, Your Rules. In this show, we're going to be exploring a few of my favourite ways to create more down time in your schedule.

Your Challenge:

Your action step is to take at least one of these tips and implement it today. I'd love to hear how that goes for you, so feel free to reach out...

May 2, 2022

Welcome to episode 2.17 of Your Biz, Your Rules. In this show, I'm going to be diving into the topic of ideas, specifically new product ideas in your business.

Your Challenge:

I'm giving you a choice of 2 action steps today:

  1. Come and join us for the new and improved edition of Batch Like a Bitch
  2. Run with one of these...