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Your Biz, Your Rules

Mar 20, 2019

Learn how to spend your time, energy and money on purpose.

The key takeaways:

  • It’s hard to be good at your business if you don’t have a life.

  • One of the things that is really important is for us to be intentional about the things that we let into our lives, whether that’s the TV shows we watch, the friendships...

Mar 13, 2019

In this episode, I'm sharing a surprisingly simple way to feel all kinds of inspiration and fun whenever you sit down to write or record.

The key takeaways:

  • If you're dreading creating content, your people will FEEL that... and you don't want that. You want them to feel enthusiastic about being in your community,...

Mar 6, 2019

Get a real look behind the scenes with this one, as I dive into how I manage my time, how I spend my time, and so much more.

The questions:

  • What’s on your podcast playlist right now?
  • How do you keep your dogs quiet while you record?
  • How do you get so much done??!!
  • You keep talking about only working with 2 clients...