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Your Biz, Your Rules

Apr 3, 2019

Note to all: I am not yet a fully-fledged adult BUT I do think there’s a certain level of “grown-up” required when you’re the boss of things.

10 tips for better adulting:

  1. Take responsibility for the way you’re feeling and behaving.
  2. Don’t get complacent – keep the momentum going as you develop your brain and your business.
  3. Set real goals and plans that line up with those goals.
  4. Create all of the boundaries. Boundaries with yourself, with your clients, with your loved ones and with your working environment.
  5. Put some thought into what you’re feeding yourself. Is it fuelling your brain? Is it giving you the energy you need to stay focused?
  6. Be intentional with your screen time.
  7. Say “no” when you mean “no”. Nobody wants to hear a resentful “yes”.
  8. Invest in some blue blocker glasses.
  9. Remove yourself from toxic conversations.
  10. Implement all of the magnificent things you already have access to before buying anything new.

Your challenge:

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Share a post or Story where you talk about which of these adulting tips you’re going to start implementing OR share an adulting tip of your own.


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