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Your Biz, Your Rules

Oct 2, 2018

Struggle to focus on your biggest priorities? Yes? Then this one's for you.

My 90 day planning system:

  • Set some time aside on the Friday before the new quarter starts. If you just try to fit your planning around everyday tasks, it will fall to the bottom of your list.
  • Review all of the different things in your business – your last 90 day plan, your current product portfolio/1:1 clients, new ideas you’ve had, your working habits, your finances (incoming and outgoing), what has and hasn’t worked (and WHY).
  • Figure out what your income target is and then get specific about HOW you can bring that money in. What will you need to sell? How many spots do you need to fill?
  • What events do you need to take into account? Are you launching? Attending weekly calls? Taking part in a free challenge? Going on holiday? Joining weekly co-working sessions? List out all of these things and add them to your calendar of choice.
  • Limit yourself to three goals – I tend to have one life goal and two business-related goals.
  • Redesign your habits – everything from morning rituals, daily break times and self-care routines. I then add these to Asana so I’m prompted to do it at the appropriate time.


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