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Your Biz, Your Rules

May 25, 2018

Find meaning in the madness of running a business.

In this episode, I chat with business coach (and host of the Meaningful Business podcast) Jo Casey about feminine conditioning, energetic scheduling, the best of books, and much, much more.

The key takeaways:

  • We all need to look at how we can create businesses that sustainable financially, emotionally and energetically. The rates of burnout amongst solopreneurs and entrepreneurs are really big, and it’s probably because there’s nobody telling us to clock out. We need to put those definite boundaries in ourselves.

  • We’re the pioneers of working online. We’re developing new business models and ways of working ALL THE TIME. It’s exciting and gives us a lot of scope to get creative, especially with the ever-changing technology. Freedom? Yes, but we still need a bit of structure in there somewhere.

  • Learn to understand your own energy patterns and build your schedule accordingly.

  • There’s this idea that we are selfish if we’re not helping people all of the time, or if we ask for money for it, or if we’re not in all the Facebook groups answering questions and giving free advice 24/7, then we’re selfish and it’s just not true. But it’s a really pernicious idea that runs deep in a lot of us.



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