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Your Biz, Your Rules

Apr 20, 2018

Start making the impact you crave on Instagram... because we all know it's the best platform!
In this ep, I share a handful of surprisingly simple tips to help you uplevel your content, increase your engagement, and just have more fun with the whole thing.

The key takeaways:

  • Make sure your profile picture is YOUR picture. Nobody falls in love with a logo.
  • Be specific about what you do, who you do it for and how you do it. If I stumble onto your Instagram profile, I want to know instantly if it’s worth my while to follow you. I don’t want to enjoy your vague and whimsical naval gazing. Save that for later.
  • Take full advantage of your link space (I use
  • Curate the images you share. Don’t show us dark and grainy crap. Every image should be enough to force us to stop the scroll.
  • Look at your grid as a whole and define your signature style, your signature subject(s) and even your signature filters.
  • Dream up DIFFERENT ways to share your story, values and messaging (I have a free Instagram planner filled with all the prompts and all the inspo here).
  • Use a scheduling tool so that you can play around with how your grid looks (I use Planoly – free for up to 30 images a month, which is all you really need).
  • Opt for long-form captions. The aim is to keep people on your images for as long as possible.
  • Break up those long captions with line breaks and emojis to keep the eyes moving.
  • Plan out your posts (even if it’s just a week at a time) so there’s some cohesiveness to your channel.
  • Put your hashtags IN THE CAPTION, not in the first comment.
  • Respond to everyone who leaves a comment on your posts – aim for comments of 4 words or more.
  • Challenge yourself to like and comment on a handful of other people’s posts every day. Instagram is a social platform, not a broadcasting system.
  • Instagram Stories are your opportunity to get really creative. Just have fun with them!
  • Check out the link round-up below for endless inspiration.


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