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Your Biz, Your Rules

Aug 28, 2019

The key takeaways:
  • Yes it IS possible to create a super successful online business without a strict content plan, but if you get at all distracted it’s probably not the best way for you
  • Taking a holiday is HARD but it is possible. Finding the RIGHT clients is a big part of it and working on a retainer means as long as the hours are done for that month it doesn’t really matter if I’m away for a week. 
  • 15 minutes to repurpose your video content challenge? HELLZ YEAH. 3 mediums, text and video, emails and quotes. BOOM. You’ll love this tip.
  • We all get derailed from our to-do list. When it happens, step away for 5 minutes to reset and then get back and get the thoughts out of your head and onto paper. Hint: Find the quick wins ;-)
Your challenge:
To be in with a chance of winning this month's free 1:1 coaching session, make sure you share your homework tagging #yourbizyourrules and @dairecharlotte
Taking inspiration from my 15 minute repurposing hack, I want you to grab a piece of your old content and a timer, and see how many pieces of new content you can create from it. GO, GO, GO!
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