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Your Biz, Your Rules

Jan 23, 2019

Ever feel like your life and business are spiralling out of control?

In this episode, I'm joined by coach for freelancers, Emma Cossey, and we're talking you through all the different habits and routines we use to keep us on the ball.

Annual habits that make us feel “on it”:

  • (Emma) Books a half-day session with Daire to get all of her content mapped out for the year.
  • (Emma) Reviews the year – especially all of the wins.
  • (Daire) Revisits her business strategy which prompts her to look at her goals, sales, feelings about stuff and habits/routines that make it all happen.
  • (Daire) Set a reading target for the year.

Quarterly habits that pave the way to productivity:

  • (Emma + Daire) Set 90 day goals – Emma does her planning on paper, Daire uses Asana.
  • (Emma + Daire) Take a break. Note: this is a shiny new habit for 2019 – keep us accountable!
  • (Emma) Assigns rewards to all of goals (POINTS MAKE PRIZES).

Monthly habits for maximum success:

  • (Emma + Daire) Book a day out for self-care
  • (Emma) Books one nice thing to do every month (and encourages her community to do the same)
  • (Emma) Goes through all the praise and recommendations she’s received that month and puts it in a “lovely things” folder.
  • (Daire) Setting aside one day for training and personal development.
  • (Daire) Works through her “bitching month blueprint” checklist.

Weekly habits for absolute winners:

  • (Emma) Spends Sunday nights planning.
  • (Emma) On a Monday shares her goals publicly with her group.
  • (Emma) Commits to doing something for Pitch Slap Wednesday.
  • (Emma) Spends some time promoting her stuff in different Facebook groups.
  • (Daire) Batches her Instagram posts on a Monday.
  • (Daire) Hosts a weekly co-working session for Content Arsenal members.
  • (Emma + Daire) Have a weekly accountability call together.
  • (Daire) Guards Fridays for working on HER business stuff.
  • (Daire) Works through a “weekly review” checklist

Daily habits for a lovely life and business:

  • (Emma) Takes vitamins.
  • (Emma) Meditates.
  • (Emma) Goes for a walk at lunchtime.
  • (Emma) Journals and writes to do lists.
  • (Daire) Journals while drinking lemon water – always ends by writing out her big goal list again.
  • (Daire) Walks the dogs.
  • (Daire) Makes time for a proper breakfast.
  • (Daire) Taps/does some EFT.
  • (Daire) Takes a mid-morning break.
  • (Daire) Has a hard and fast “end of work” time.
  • (Daire) Does some yoga at home.


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