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Your Biz, Your Rules

Jan 14, 2019

Overwhelmed, stressed and frustrated with your content system? You're not alone.
In this ep, I'm sharing 5 of the most common mistakes I see people make in their content plans, and how to fix them. Quickly.

The big mistakes:

  1. Overcomplicating the planning system itself.
  2. Focusing on all of the platforms and all of the strategies.
  3. Planning in silos.
  4. Panicking about using up all the ideas.
  5. Failing to plan for the action

Try this instead:

  1. Go back to basics and use a simple spreadsheet to plan out all of your content. You’ll find a link to (a free) one I made earlier below.
  2. Pick ONE form of content as your focus (i.e. a podcast, a blog, a video show, etc) and ONE platform where you’ll show up and connect (Instagram, Facebook groups, LinkedIn, etc).
  3. If you want to try out a system or strategy created by someone you admire, GREAT. Go for it. But limit yourself to one at a time.
  4. Give yourself a good talking to and remind yourself that you don’t need to use the ideas as they hit you. Instead, stash them somewhere safe for next time you sit down to plan your content (such as the “ideas” tab in my content planning template, for example).
  5. After putting together your fabulous content plan, head to your calendar and block out chunks of time to actually create all of those things in your plan.


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