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Your Biz, Your Rules

Nov 28, 2018

Want to make a change in your work-world? This is how I do it.

The key takeaways:

  • Figure out exactly what change you want to make, and then find a way to hold yourself accountable. You could set an alarm on your phone. You could share your intention with the people in your life. You could create a recurring Asana task. You could block out time in your calendar. Just look for a way to keep yourself on track.
  • A great option is to participate in a free challenge created by somebody who inspires you. Here are a few to ponder:
    • If you want to supercharge your personal brand, I recommend Own Your Brilliance with Jo Gifford. In a nutshell, over 5 days you’ll be pulling out all those strands of brilliance that make you YOU, and turning them into messaging that attracts the right kind of people into your orbit. (Sign up any time)
    • If you want to hit all of your business goals in the year to come, I recommend The Success Shake-Up with Gemma Went. Over the 5 days you’ll be looking at everything you’ve accomplished (or not) over the past year, and weaving those lessons into a rock-solid strategy for 2019. (Kicks off December 3rd)
    • If self-care is your Achilles heel, I recommend The Self-Love Advent with Mel Wells. Every day from December 1st until December 25th you’ll receive a love letter and mini challenge in your inbox, designed to help you bring way more self-love into your world.


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