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Your Biz, Your Rules

Jun 14, 2018

Feeling overworked? Create content anyway.

In this ep, I'm sharing a handful of simple tricks to help you weave content creation into your week no matter how busy you are. You're welcome.

If you fancy the briefest of overviews, here are the TOP SECRET TRICKS I use to make time to create content:

  • BONUS: Believe that you can actually do this stuff.
  • Look for space in your calendar and book it out for content creation. Treat this like you would a client booking.
  • Batch tasks that require the same headspace and/or skillset. (For example, batch your research, batch your drafting, batch your editing, batch your image creation, etc, etc)
  • Capture ideas as you go – don’t wait for inspiration to hit when you sit down to create.
  • Get help where you need it, whether that’s in the form of an app, a VA or a bit of accountability.
  • Be ruthless with your productivity. Switch off all potential distractions – all the devices, all the tabs, EVERYTHING, then set a timer and GO!
  • Make sure your templates are on point – I create templates for everything from Instagram posts, to show notes, to weekly newsletters.
  • Ride the waves of inspiration – create the things you enjoy in a way that you enjoy. Know what motivates you and use THAT to help you get things done.


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