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Your Biz, Your Rules

May 25, 2018

Boost your Instagram engagement with this simple hack.

In this episode, I'm sharing the Instagram engagement ritual I'm trialling... listen on for inspiration!

An overview of my 5×5 Instagram engagement hack:

Step 1: Scroll through the first 5 posts in your feed and mute or unfollow any accounts that you don’t want to see more of. The beauty of Instagram is that it’s such an inspiring place… so let’s keep it that way!

Step 2: Watch 5 Instagram Stories from beginning to end. Bonus points if you engage in polls and respond to what people are sharing.

Step 3: Hop onto that list of people you’re following. Like 5 posts. Comment on 5 posts (with 5 words or more in your comment). Now hop over to the list of people who are following you. Like 5 of theirs and comment on 5 more.

Step 4: Hit the “explore” tab and click through to 5 posts that grab your attention – like, comment and follow if the mood takes you.

Step 5: Tap on one of the hashtags you’ve used recently and follow 5 people who have used it too. Like at least one of their posts, and comment on another.


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