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Your Biz, Your Rules

May 25, 2018

Bring clients (and cash) into your business with ease.

In this episode, LinkedIn expert Helen Pritchard shares some of her best tips to help you both get inspired by LinkedIn AND start making money from it... win!

The key takeaways:

  • Your LinkedIn account doesn’t have to reflect an old life, it can evolve with you.
  • If you love making money and hate doing too much work, LinkedIn is the one for you.
  • The “work” takes place before you even log on. Once you’ve identified WHAT you want to sell and WHO you want to sell it to, it’s about implementing insanely simple daily activities.
  • Reframe your profile so that it’s about your ideal audience and what they’re looking for, rather than having an incredibly long, boring career history. That’s not what people care about. They want to know how you can help THEM… so put that very crucial info right in your headline.
  • The most important thing about publishing content on LinkedIn is CONSISTENCY. And, y’know, reminding people how they can buy from you.
  • Don’t hang around in certain Facebook groups when you’ve had more than two wines.


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