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Your Biz, Your Rules

Mar 5, 2018

To grow as a leader, you have to actually lead.

That means stepping outside of the solopreneur mindset, and putting together a virtual team, filled with people who excel at the things you don't want to be spending your time on. In this episode you'll find a whole bunch of tips for finding the perfect people for your virtual team and a few steps to help you be the best kind of manager once you've found them.

The key takeaways:

  • When hiring for a virtual team, you’re looking for somebody who has that micro niche expert status and experience in something particular. You’re not necessarily looking for somebody who you can groom and who you can teach, you’re looking for somebody who already has that specific skill that you can outsource and delegate that specific area of your business to. And more importantly, entrust it to.

Mary’s 7 steps for building an unstoppable virtual team:

  1. Get clear on the vision statement – that’s what your company stands for and where your company is going. Why do you exist? Who do you serve?
  2. Put together an organisation chart (yes, really!)
  3. Determine what you actually need.
  4. Write a creative brief where you list out every quality and skill that the ideal person for the role would have.
  5. Get out there and start looking for someone to fill the position you’re after.
  6. Set up a 15-minute screening call to figure out if they’re a good fit personally.
  7. Follow up successful candidates with a 30-minute call and go deeper. Find out how they work, what tools they use, what their micro-niche is.


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