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Your Biz, Your Rules

Jan 19, 2018

Unleash the creativity you never even knew you had.

The key takeaways:

  • Creative thinking is huge for our lives and our businesses in so many ways. When we apply creative thinking techniques, we allow our brains to see things from a different perspective, to see things in a whole new way. And why is that useful? Well, if you are operating in a crowded marketplace you might want to be able to think about some products or services that are different. You might want to think about how to use language and visuals, and your brand to position you in a different way and help you stand out. Also, if you apply creative thinking to everything in your life, you’re going to have a much more fun experience. You’re going to see things in a new way.

  • Start with something simple like making a habit out of doing something new every day and then layer on outputting something every day. Whether you’re creating a really short video, or you’re journaling, or you’re creating an image. If you start to output, you’re synthesizing information for yourself and for your audience. You’re kind of allowing yourself to absorb what’s going on out there in your industry, what’s going on in the world, what’s going on in culture, and you become a synthesizer for your audience and for your clients. It also helps you understand things a lot better as well. So tiny tweaks. Something new every day, then output something every day. Then you can apply some creative thinking and triggers.

  • Try using Netflix as a creative thinking trigger. Think about one of your favourite box sets or series or films or programmes, and then jot down everything that’s to do with that show – the characters, the themes, the music, the location, the storylines…

    Why the heck is that useful for your business? So, if you use those triggers, and you start spidering down even more, you can apply those concepts and those thoughts to whatever it is you’re creating. You have to kind of go with the freeform thinking at first, and let it sound as nuts as it’s going to sound, and then start to play. This is all about having your own personal playbook.

    If you start playing you end up having a lot of fun, for one, which is always a good thing because that really connects your clients to you. But also, if you’re creating stuff and finding points of difference you are going to stand out from people who are all doing the same things. And it will help you uncover some new language and some new words, because the more you delve into different parts of your brain, into unexpected themes, unexpected mixtures of stuff, the more you come out with different outcomes. You’ll find your blog posts are flowing. You’ll find your content ideas are thriving. You’ll find you’re inspired a lot more often.

  • Once you’ve generated loads of ideas, you need to make a plan. You need to get this thing done. Small chunks are always a really good way to work – focus for short sprints at a time.


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